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Sometimes, homeowners order more carpet flooring than they need. Other times, business owners selling carpet have left over material that is too small for a full home installation. These pieces are used as carpet remnants rather than thrown out. And you may be surprised at all the ways that you can use them! At Carpet Depot Atlanta, you can find carpet remnants of all sizes and colors at reduced prices! You can use some of the finest quality materials for a variety of purposes. Decatur, Douglasvlle, and Jonesboro customers have been finding more cost-effective ways to improve their homes with our help. Top-rated service and fast delivery come together to give you an easy way to redecorate your household.

What Are They Good For?

The most common question homeowners ask is, “What are carpet remnants good for?” They see them as disposable scraps rather than materials for new design possibilities. But the truth is that carpet remnants are useful whether you have them after a floor update or you see them at the store. Here are some of the ways that you can use these leftover materials, and some of their benefits:

  • You can carpet a single room. Want to update one of the rooms in your house, but not the others? Using carpet remnants can cut the cost of carpeting one room dramatically. You can even opt for a more luxurious product because it will still cost less.

  • You can patch up a damaged area of your floor. Sometimes a stain will not come out, or hole is too large to properly fix. Experts will often suggest just cutting out the damaged carpet tile and replacing it with a new piece. Using remnants from your installation work can offer a seamless patch that matches the color and texture of the rest of your rug!

  • You can create a stylish area rug. Carpet remnants can make excellent floor coverings, even if they are only in small areas of the home. You can have the scraps bound at the edges to create area rugs that match well with your home. You can often find expensive brands in small sizes that make beautiful mats for your bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

  • You can protect your laundry room from water damage. Sometimes a washer can overflow or you can spill detergent. You can prevent damage to the floor and make cleanup easier with a carpet remnant to catch the mess.

  • You can provide a place for the family pet to sleep. It can be hard to keep pets off of the furniture. Pet dander, odors and hair can all be unpleasant. Claws can dig into the upholstery and tear it up. Offering a soft, comfy spot on the floor for pets to rest can prevent this. They can even be carried along on trips for backseats to stay clean if your pets take a liking to them!

  • You can use them as stair or hallway runners. Prevent slipping on the stairs and deep wear patterns in the hallways by using carpet remnants as runners. The other advantage is having more choices in patterns and colors. You can also select a fiber that is known to be durable, like wool or polyester.

See the carpet remnants we have on sale in Decatur, Douglasvlle, and Jonesboro at Carpet Depot Atlanta. Get fast delivery and find gorgeous products at low prices.